Handmade Blue & White Ceramic Planter

Handmade Blue & White Ceramic Planter

Kate Brigden
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Handcrafted Ceramic Planter with Hand-painted 'Helia' pattern.

Handmade and hand painted in Kate's garden studio in Sussex. They are  made for your little houseplants. Fit your plant pots inside to hide the plastic pot.

These ceramic planters are hand thrown and hand-painted in my garden  studio in Sussex, England. The pattern is called 'Helia,' a female name  derived from Helios, God of the Sun. The pattern is inspired by plants that look as though they are reaching up to greet the sun.


High fired stoneware clay. It is hardwearing and suitable for  dishwashers. Each piece is handmade, so there may be slight variation in  size and colour. You will not necessarily receive the soap dish pictured. Please note this item is handmade not factory made so there  may be very minor imperfections.

All packaging is plastic free and where possible, from a recycled  source. All the electricity used to fire Kate's kiln is from renewable energy.


Medium (Approximate) Height 7.5cm, Diameter 9cm.