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Monstera Monkeyleaf Houseplant

Monstera Monkeyleaf Houseplant

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The Monstera Adansonii or Monstera Monkey Leaf is a variety of Swiss cheese plant with classic irregular holes in its leaves. This mini Monstera is a must-have for any indoor jungle. Perfect for a tall shelf as they love to trail gently over their pot as they grow. If trained to climb they will also climb if guided along a support. Those deep green leaves just keep growing with their irregular holes and slightly crinkly leaves.

This new addition to The Little Botanical range is one not to be missed.

Popular because of its leaf shape and quick growth, he likes a drink every 5 days, just allow it to dry out in between watering. He certainly likes to be in good light but direct sunlight will cause scorching. Mist the leave and dust them occasionally too! This little guy loves a bright spot.


Keep me out of direct sunlight so my leaves are not scorched. Water me approx. every 10 days and allow my soil to dry out slightly in between watering. I like moist but not soggy soil.



Low maintenance

Estimated Plant Height (CM)


Internal Pot Diameter (CM)



Grey pot

Pot Height (CM)


Suitable for

Bathroom, Light spaces


Monstera, Monkey Leaf, Monstera Monkey Leaf, Monstera Adansonii, Monstera Monkey Mask, Philodendron Monkey Mask, Fives Holes Plant, Adanson's Monstera, Monstera Obliqua



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