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Peperomia Rotundifolia 'Trailing Jade' Houseplant

Peperomia Rotundifolia 'Trailing Jade' Houseplant

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Commonly known as Trailing Jade or Jade Necklace. This Peperomia has small, round, plump leaves which develop into soft trailing stems. It has a compact, spreading nature that creates a calming green shade as a mini-indoor hedge on shelves and in alcoves. It is particularly suited to growing in low or fluorescent light, making it perfect for offices and shady spots. 

Please note: the stems and leaves on this plant are very fragile and despite our best efforts some may be lost during transit.

Light conditions: position in low, medium to bright, indirect light
Neediness: does need a fair bit of care, mainly avoid overwatering. Stems are delicate and can snap when moved or handled.
Watering: water only when the soil feels dry to the touch to avoid root rot. Water less frequently during the winter months. Mist weekly throughout warmer months and if planted in a pot without drainage holes, mist more frequently.
Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and studies
Rate of growth: can grow up to 12 inches tall
Temperature: prefers temperatures 18-24°C and no lower than 10°C.
Pets: this plant is not toxic to pets.
Sizing: pot width 10.5cm, plant height 15cm approx

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