Button Fern Houseplant

Button Fern Houseplant

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The unique Button Fern thrives on moisture and tropical temperatures. Pop this beautiful houseplant on a shelf among a few other trailing plants as ferns love the extra humidity created by a plant gang. This stunning  houseplant arrives in a textured grey ceramic pot so once he is placed  in your home, we promise he will instantly transform the space.  As with  all ferns, this plant does need specific care. High humidity is key and  make sure you don’t let the soil get too dry – he won’t thank you for  it.

A button fern needs watering at least once a week to stay  happy. Their natural habitat is forest floors, which means they  can tolerate lower-light conditions.

The Button Fern aka  Pellaea Rotundifolia won’t survive cold temperatures, so make sure he is  kept away from draughts and cold windows during the Winter.

Plant Care

The  Button Fern likes high humidity and should be watered once a week. Just  make sure the fern is watered thoroughly so you can see water come  through the bottom of the growing pot. Once the surface of the soil is  dry, water again. Make sure the plant can always drain and never allow  this petite beauty to sit in water as this will cause his roots to rot.  Like all ferns, the Button Fern loves to be misted and will love you if  you give him a daily spritz of water.

Don’t forget to keep him out  of draughts and away from radiators. He’s happy in most areas (avoiding  direct light) and even in a slightly shadier corner of your home. We  suggest he avoids direct bright sunlight in Summer months as this will  scorch the leaves.